Yu-Ting Wu






Vardan Ovsepian Chamber Ensemble (VOCE)

JMSN - "Most of All" Music Video 

Jett-K - "Thunder"

Yoon MiRae - "Because of You"

Jung Won Edward Park's Master of Fine Arts in Music Composition Recital: "Farewell"

Composed and Directed by Jung Won Edward Park
Choreographers: Jake Harkey, Mahina Moon, Felicia St. Cyr

Life giver is a piece for music and dance involving mixing of multiple time and counting systems, improvisation, play and games, as well as straight-ahead music and dance.


Composer: Ian Walker

Violin: Yu-Ting Wu, Stephanie Moorehouse

Viola: Morgan Gerstmar

Cello: Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick

Ha Imo La: For You Alone

Oct. 25, 2014 

Tyler Vander Maas Composition Recital 

CalArts Jazz CD 2013

Composer: Zirque Bonner

Violin: Emily Call, Yu-Ting Wu 

Viola: Morgan Gerstmar 

Cello: Min Lee

Stephanie Moorehouse & Yu-Ting Wu MFA Violin Duo Mid-Residency Recital April 9, 2013

Philip Glass "Strung Out" for Solo Violin (excerpt)

Yu-Ting Wu, violin