For a list of recommended shops to purchase or rent a violin please visit:  

Yuting Wu Violin/Piano Studio

Lesson Materials

Materials such as (but not limited to) shoulder rest, rosin, music books and metronome are required as part of the curriculum at student’s or parent’s expense. Although students and/or their parents are responsible for obtaining such materials, they can be purchased by the instructor at her convenience upon reasonable request. The instructor should be reimbursed for the full amount of the purchased material as well as her traveling expense.


A violin of appropriate size for the student can be purchased or rented from the recommended violin shops. Please refrain from purchasing instruments online, as the quality of the instrument is not guaranteed. Instruments will come with the case, violin, bow, and rosin.

Shoulder Rest

An appropriate shoulder rest is essential as it is the first step to developing good posture and playing habits. An EVEREST brand shoulder rest is a must and will be the same size measurement as the violin: i.e. 1⁄2 violin with 1⁄2 shoulder rest. EVEREST shoulder rests can also be purchased on Please feel free to contact me for any questions regarding finding the shoulder rest.

During and After Lessons

Parents and/or siblings are welcome to observe the lesson in a quiet manner if their presence will not become a source of distraction for the student. Parents who wish to bring up any concerns or suggestions for the instructor may do so after lessons in a private discussion without the student’s presence. Please keep in mind that the instructor has the student’s best interest at heart and is open for suggestions and concerns after the lesson.

Student Behavior

It is important that the student behaves during lesson in a respectful manner to the teacher. When a student fails to act this way, it results in the instructor not being able to focus the lesson on music and it is the student that suffers. As an instructor, I strive to keep the balance between having firm boundaries and having fun in our lesson. However, if a student persistently fails to behave in a respectful way, the instructor reserves the right to decide to finish the lesson or leave before lesson time ends. The instructor may also decide to terminate lessons if situation does not improve over the course of several lessons.

Practice/Homework Assignments

Like how homework is required after school, practice is required after each lesson. A reasonable and appropriate amount of practice is expected of the student to be done on a daily basis. Parents’ supervision may be required by the instructor for students at a younger age. Any writing homework given is equally important to develop the student’s understanding of music.


The following is a breakdown for the cost of tuition per lesson:

On-site: lessons at the instructor’s home 30 minute lesson – $25
45 minute lesson – $35
60 minute lesson – $50

At venue: the instructor teaches lessons at a suitable studio space 30 minute lesson – $30
45 minute lesson – $40
60 minute lesson – $60

In-home: the instructor travels to the student’s home for lessons 30 minute lesson – $35
45 minute lesson – $45
60 minute lesson – $70


Monthly tuition is due on the first lesson of each month. Tuition may be paid in the form of cash (preferred) or check. Please write your check payable to Yu-Ting Wu.

Late Fee

There will be a $10 late fee if monthly tuition is not received on the first lesson of each month.

Rescheduled, Cancelled and Missed Lessons

24 hours of notice from the scheduled lesson is required to qualify for a make-up lesson. In the event of an emergency, please provide at least six (6) hours of notice to qualify for a make-up lesson. Missed lessons will not be refunded and do not qualify for make-up. If neither teacher or student/parent can find a makeup time for the lesson, that missed lesson time will be split and stacked onto other lessons that month to make up: i.e. student is taking 30 minute lessons and lesson 2 of the month is missed. Lesson 3 and 4 of the month will be 45 minute lessons to make up for lesson 2.

Termination of Lessons

If students or parents may decide to terminate their lessons with me for any reason, please kindly provide one month of notice by which the month’s tuition has been paid in full.